1. Graduate School has a cross-disciplinary character that attracts stakeholders and distinguishes it in the “market” of PT.
  2. The Postgraduate School has lecturers who have at least a doctoral degree who have a background
  3. The cross-disciplinary character of the Graduate School allows responding to the concrete problems of society, which are not divided into certain disciplines.
  4. The Graduate School already has an information system that is relatively quite integrated with the university’s information system and is able to meet the information demands of its users.
  5. Graduate Schools have earned enough trust from the government, private sector, donor agencies, and society in general in providing quality higher education.
  6. The Graduate School has a campus with adequate facilities to fulfill academic and non-academic activities.
  7. The Postgraduate School has teaching staff, all of whom hold at least a doctorate who have superior qualifications in their field.
  8. The Graduate School has a fairly strong institutional network with various institutions and alumni at the national (government and donor agencies) and international levels.