Islamic Guidance and Counseling Masters Program

Guidance and Counseling

Master Program (S2) Postgraduate
UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung

Dr. Hj. Lilis Satriah, M.Pd.
Head of The Study Program

Dr. Hajir Tajiri, M.Ag.
Secretary of Study Program

Global Recognition for Aspiring Professional Counselors

1.Experts: Islamic Advisors, Islamic Counselors, Islamic Counselors:

Experts in the field of Religious Guidance, Counseling and Counseling: Religious Extension Experts at the Indonesian Ministry of Religion and private institutions, Islamic Spiritual Treatment Experts (Warois) in Hospitals, Mental Guidance Experts in the TNI, POLRI, LAPAS and other Agencies both State and Private .

Experts in Islamic Education Counseling Guidance: Advisors and Counselors in Madrasas, Schools, Islamic Boarding Schools and Islamic Colleges.

Experts in Family Guidance, Counseling and Counseling, Industry and Islamic Social Affairs: Family Guidance and Counseling Experts at the Indonesian Ministry of Religion KUA, Family Planning Extension Experts at BKKBN, BPPKB and private institutions, Anti-Drug Counseling Experts at BNN and private institutions, Staff Social Counselor Experts at the Ministry of Social Affairs and private institutions, Counselors and Trauma Healing Experts at the BPBD and private institutions

2. Experts: Islamic Therapists, Islamic Trainers, Researchers and Consultants planning experts in the field of Islamic Guidance, Counseling and Counseling.


“Becoming a superior and innovative Masters Study Program (S2) in the field of revelation-based Islamic Guidance and Counseling to guide Science within the framework of Akhlakul karimah at the ASEAN Level in 2025.”


  1. Organizing the BKI Masters Study Program in harmony with the needs of society and the development of revelation-based science and technology guiding knowledge within the frame of good morals by prioritizing the values ​​of religious moderation;
  2. Organizing education and learning in the field of Islamic guidance and counseling that is student centered by using an effective approach and optimizing the use of technology;
  3. Conduct research and development in the field of Islamic guidance and counseling and publish it on a national and international scale;
  4. Carrying out community service in a professional manner by implementing a variety of innovations in the field of Islamic guidance, counseling and counseling;
  5. Organizing higher education tridarma which is oriented towards the formation of an entrepreneurial spirit in the field of Islamic guidance, counseling and counseling; Collaborating with various national and international institutions to improve the quality of the Islamic
  6. Guidance and Counseling master study program (S2);
  7. Organizing the administration of the BKI Postgraduate Study Program at UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung in a transparent and accountable manner by carrying out quality assurance on an ongoing basis.


  1. Producing qualified expert graduates in the field of Islamic guidance and counseling who are devoted to God Almighty
  2. Have moral ethics and good personality in completing tasks
  3. Have level 8 abilities according to RI Presidential Regulation number 8 of 2012 concerning the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI), especially in the field of Islamic Guidance and Counseling
  4. Producing scientific works and research in the field of Islamic-based guidance and counseling
    revelation guides science
  5. Producing works of community service based on the field of guidance science
    and revelation-based Islamic counseling guiding knowledge
  6. Producing superior Islamic Guidance and Counseling Master study program performance and
    innovative to ensure the quality of the implementation of the tridharma of higher education in a sustainable manner


Contemporary BKI Philosophy, Religious Counseling and Psychotherapy, Personality Psychology, HR Development Counseling, Community Counseling, Comprehensive Counseling, Multicultural Counseling, Guidance of Religious Moderation, BKI Contemporary Issues, BKI Media Innovation, Sufistic Counseling, Professionalism and Professional Ethics of BKI, Therapeutic Communication , BKI Research Design, Crisis and Trauma Recovery Counseling, BKI Management and Assessment. Specialization: Islamic Religious Counseling, Islamic Education Counseling, Islamic Family and Social Counseling, Islamic Mental and Spiritual Counseling, Umrah and Hajj guidance, Post Disaster counseling. Matriculation and
Ampulen: Da’wah Philosophy, Da’wah Ethics, Da’wah Policy Studies, Da’wah Sociology.

Homebase Lecturer

Homebase:Dr.H. Isep Zaenal Arifin, M.Ag (S3 BK UPI Bandung), Dr. Hj.Lilis Satriah, M.Pd (S3 BK UPI Bandung), Dr. Hajir Tajiri, M.Ag (S3 BK UPI Bandung BKI), Dr. H. Aep Kusnawan, M.Ag (S3 PI UIN Bandung), Dr. Dadang Ahmad Fadjar, M.Ag (S3 RS UIN Bandung), Sugandi Miharja, Ph.D (S3 Guidance & Counseling in Education Universiti Selangor Malysia). DTPS: Prof. Dr. H. Ahmad Sarbini, M.Ag., MMC, Prof. Dr. H. Dindin Solahudin, MA.,CHRA, Dr. H. Enjang AS, M.Ag., M.Si, CICS., Dr. H. Tata Sukayat, M.Ag., Dr. Dudy Imanuddin Effendi, M.Ag., Dr.H. Dadan Suherdiana, M.Ag, Dr. Aang Ridwan, M.Ag, Dr.H. Arif Rahman, M.Ag, Muhammad Irfan, P.hD, Dr. H. Iwan Setiawan. M.Ag, Dr. H. Dindin Jamaludin, M.Ag. CEPP, dan lainnya.

Academic Degree and Study Load

The study load that must be completed by students of the Islamic Counseling Guidance Masters Study Program
at least 54 credits which consist of compulsory courses and 10 credits of thesis writing, study period of 4 semesters (estimated full lecture) up to 4 (four) years. The Islamic Counseling Guidance Master study program gives its graduates the title Master of Social (M.Sos)

Terms, Procedures, Registration and Funding

Academic Requirements:

1) Have a bachelor’s degree (S1) from an Islamic Religious College (State or Private) or other accredited tertiary institution for the Masters Program,

2) Submit a thesis proposal whose topic is in accordance with the chosen Study Program for the Masters Program,

3) Minimum GPA of Undergraduate level 3.00,

4) Submit recommendations
from a senior lecturer or agency head (softcopy attached when filling out the online form and hardcopy during filing).

Registration Fee: IDR 350,000.00.

Masters Program Funding:

1) UKT per semester IDR 3,000,000.00 (Class A) and IDR 4,000,000.00 (Class B)

2) Student Study Orientation Fund of Rp. 175,000.00,

3) Academic Funds
Administration Rp. 500,000.00,

4) Paying Almamater Suits (Nominal by FORMACA), 5) Submitting Letters
Statement of willingness to pay tuition fees on time on a stamp duty of IDR 10,000.

M.Sos– Magister (S2)

4 semesters (estimated full-time study)

Postgraduate Building – Campus 2
UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung

National Accreditation :
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