Religious Studies Study Program

Postgraduate Masters Program (S2)

UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung

Prof. Mohammad Taufiq Rahman, MA., Ph.D.

Head of Religious Studies Study Program

Dr. Neng Hannah, M.Ag.

Secretary of the Religious Studies Study Program

About Religious Studies Program

The study of religions (Religious Studies) or in many literatures is often synonymous with several synonyms such as Comparative Religions, The Scientific study of Religion, Religionwissenschaft, Allgemeine Religionsgeschichte, Phenomenology of Religions, History of Religions, and the like is the study of religion with the area of ​​study of phenomena religious life and can be approached with various empirical normative scientific disciplines. As a result, various scientific branches of religion have sprung up such as History of Religion, Psychology of Religion, Anthropology of Religion, Sociology of Religion, and the like (Abdullah, 2000). .

One of the strategic plans of UIN SGD Bandung is international recognition, including through FIBAA international accreditation, where the Master of Religious Studies Study Program (Prodi Magister SAA) was appointed as one of the study programs submitted for accreditation by FIBAA. The SAA Masters Program was originally a concentration under the Islamic Studies Study Program (IAI)—namely the concentration of Religious Studies—with a scholarship subsidy from the Ministry of Religion.

Then in August 2011, this concentration changed to the SAA Masters Program based on the Decree of the Director General of Islamic Education Number Dj.I/53/2011. The SAA Masters Program is one of the study programs that has superior resources both nationally and internationally. CPL Study Program as Religious Counselor at the local, regional, national and international scope is one form of implementation of the UIN SGD Bandung strategic plan.

This is in line with various national and international scale programs that have been implemented by the Study Program through the Postgraduate Program (PPS), including international certification for Postgraduate Directors and HR in the Study Program.

A brief History

The Postgraduate Study Program in the Study of Religions at the State Islamic University of Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung (hereinafter written the SAA Masters Study Program) was developed on the initiative of the Director of Islamic Higher Education, Ministry of Religion in in the form of an affirmation program through scholarships. Initially, this study program was a concentration under the Islamic Religious Studies Study Program (IAI) which was subsidized with a scholarship from the Ministry of Religion. Then in August 2011 this concentration changed to the SAA Masters Study Program based on the Decree of the Director General of Islamic Education Number Dj.I/53/2011.

The SAA Masters Program with a vision of tolerance and peace is an important study program to be developed for the pluralistic conditions of Indonesian and Southeast Asian society. Indonesia’s plurality creates a climate of interreligious and cultural relations that can result in direct or indirect conflict. For this reason, the existence of a study program that specifically studies and develops views on religious and cultural plurality as well as efforts for reconciliation—even tolerance and peace—between differences is urgently needed.

The SAA Masters Study Program was originally a special study program for the masters level. At the undergraduate level, the study program that has a cognate study is Comparative Religion, with a fundamental difference between Comparative Religion and the Study of Religions. Comparative Religion Study Program positions religion as a different entity—even “attacking” each other—while looking for similarities between these differences with the principle of agree in disagreement – ​​as stated by Mukti Ali (Minister of Religion 1971-1978). The true meaning of this principle is to agree in disagreement based on mutual respect and respect for existing differences, including differences in religious beliefs. The Study of Religions is more neutral than Comparative Religion, namely (1) the orientation of agree in disagreement does not become a principle, (2) all religions become the object of study without any partiality to one particular religion (Islam for example), (3) the study approach requires the use of diverse knowledge (multidisciplinary).

The spirit of the SAA Magister Study Program is in accordance with the vision of the Ministry of Religion, because of that in 2017 all Comparative Religion departments changed their name to Religious Studies. In the Decree of the Director General of Islamic Education Number 521 of 2017 concerning Adjustments to the Nomenclature, this was carried out in all other UINs, IAINs and PTAIs. The name of the Study of Religions is a translation of Religious Studies, a new entity in the name of the study program. The use of the word “studies” shows the difference with “science”, so that the Study of Religions is not a science, but a study that involves many different scientific approaches. All knowledge can be used and involved in the study of religion which as an object of knowledge has diversity.

The SAA Masters Study Program at UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung was built on the basis of this spirit as well as being part of the vision, mission, goals and strategy (VIMTUSA) of UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung. The formulation of the Vision of UIN SGD is as follows: “To become a superior and competitive State Islamic University based on revelation guiding knowledge within the framework of Karimah Morals in Southeast Asia in 2025”. There are several main keywords in this vision, namely goals (excellent, competitive), process (revelations guiding knowledge, good morals), place limits (SOUTHEAST ASIA with the aim of Southeast Asia), and time limits (2025). Based on the vision of UIN Sunan Gunung Djati, the vision of the SAA Masters Study Program was formulated as, “To become an excellent and competitive study program in the study of religions based on revelation guiding knowledge with a frame of good morals for tolerance and peace in Southeast Asia in 2025.”

This study program is a reference for scientific fields, as seen from the many citations to the works of lecturers and students of the SAA Masters. Likewise, its collaboration with other religions can provide an overview of the dynamics of this Study Program, coupled with its success in establishing cooperation with foreign parties in the field of Religious Studies.

Religious Studies Study Program
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